Dodgeball Night

Oh Thursday (our Thursday night women’s connect group) hosted a COED DODGEBALL NIGHT. We had a fantastic (competitive) time! It was a blast to organize this event with one of our Connect gals, Jemlys. Overall, I think it was quite successful. We had a whopping 56 participants who were placed in their designated team color. Each person was notified their team color via text – their job was to deck themselves out and represent their team color through their attire. Here are a few shots taken from the evening by another one of our Connect gals, Alex.

Each person was intentionally placed on their team in hopes to get everyone out of their comfort zone and connect with others. I think it worked …


Sheri, one of our Connect gals, made this flyer for our event. She's the sweetest.
The Green team getting all riled up.
Carolina pegging the world on behalf of the Yellow team.
Clearly Janely wasn't happy with the level of intensity the Blue team was playing at.
Blue team running fiercely to claim their dodgeballs.
The Yellow team showing some team spirit.
Even sweet Esther got a little competitive during the Semi-Finals round.
Oh! Well hello there, Yellow team. Congrats on your victory. I may or may not have been on the best team. (Yes!)
Here are all the lovely participants. So glad they all came out.

More photos later.


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