Dodgeball Night – Part 2

If you missed out on Dodgeball, here’s a recap.

Also, a word of advice: Don’t Miss Dodgeball Night Next Time. Thanks.

Meet the Red team. Great team spirit... Not so great on the field. (I kid)
She’s just crazy. I love it.

Sister and bro-in-law looking fierce.
Dodging dodgeballs awkwardly.
Just look at us. No wonder all the teams were afraid of us. Intimidating, clearly.
Red team reading the rules and regulations.
Sheri is legit.
Sister taking charge.
Probably my favorite photo. Meet sister and Yoel.
Explaining the rules and regulations of Dodgeball Night. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my pal, Jemlys.
The boys took Dodgeball serious. No lie.
She may be small but don’t let her size fool you. She can eat you – yes, she’s that intimidating.
Yogi holding tight to his Disney Princess themed dodgeball.
Getting ready for the kill.
High5’s all night long.
Dodgeball Night 2010. All the planning & organizing was worth it.

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