Where You Are

“Bloom where you are”

That’s what I’m currently learning. To understand that each place I’m in and each circumstance I face is for a reason.

Easier said than done sometimes.

I like to look up definitions on occasion. I’m assuming that’s a good habit to have…

Anyways, I looked up the word bloom the other night and found the following definitions especially interesting:

– A condition or time of vigor, freshness, and beauty

– To shine; glow

– To grow or flourish with vigor.

– To be in a healthy, glowing, or flourishing condition

– To be in one’s prime.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why you are where you are. Yet, that struggle can sometimes become one of the most beautiful places to find yourself in because it leads us to seek God more; to eagerly await his response – drawing us closer and closer to Him- which in turn strengthens our patience and builds perseverance.

It’s the most liberating and refreshing feeling when you can sit back and stare that uncertain state straight in the face knowing that your God has it all under control. There’s a difference between hoping and believing that God has a plan greater than you or I can ever imagine. His word firmly states that his ways are not our ways, and that his thoughts are higher than our thoughts {Isaiah 55:9}. You and I have intentionally and strategically been placed where we are. I believe God has called us to bloom where we are  and to exude excellence in every situation.

I wrote this down in my journal (I’m getting personal, I know…):

“Bloom where you are” means=

– to be fruitful

– to be content with your current situation, even if it’s not the way you planned it (yes, I’m speaking to the control freaks)

  • Many times our hearts are eager and our minds impatient because we’re too concerned with our current, uncomfortable state. Instead, we should focus on finding rest in the King of Kings – who has promised us victory; who appoints the best.

I could keep going but I only had time for a quick post.

Carry on, now. & bloom.


Psalm 1:2-3

Philippians 4:12

1 Corinthians 7:17-24

4 thoughts on “Where You Are

  1. Hello Sweet Chanti. That saying has gotten me thru some pretty rough times!!!! It seemed like every time I got settled in a new place, we were having to move again. I found these cute little plaques in St Louis one time that I put up in my house to keep me focused on the positive. They got me thru some times when I felt I had no purpose. I am going to send them to you in Mollie’s care package and hope you think of us and how beautifully you bloom in so many lives when you see them. Thanks for being such a good friend to my girl. Love Venetia PS come stay with us some time. We would like that.


  2. Thank you so much Mrs. Johnson. I’ll take great care of the plaques. Thank you for always being so thoughtful & kind, even though I’m miles away. I love your little girl – her heart is like no other. I pray God keeps her safe and pure always.
    It would be nice to take a little roadtrip up and see you all. I know I would like that very much.


    1. Please come any time. You are always welcome. Thanks for the kind words. You are a beautiful person, inside and out and I am so glad Mollie has you for a mentor.


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