Guest Blogger: Steph Canto

Today’s Guest Blogger is my lovely friend, Steph!


Favorite color: seafoam green
Favorite food: Pad Thai
Favorite TV Show: Mad Men (lately)
Favorite Movie: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
All time, hands down, favorite musician: is it bad that i have no idea…[embarrassing]
I collect: Sunglasses. cool ones, vintage, funky you name it.
I love: my family, my husband Danny, my friends. Instax photos! FONTS.
Hobby of choice: baking with my sister and cousin. we dream about making our own baking shop one day ;)

My name is Stephanie. I’ve never guest blogged before, so this is a first to add to the list! I’ve known Chanti for years, and I’m glad I have. Everyone needs a friend like her in life. One can only be so lucky. (I’m a sap when it comes to us lol) Cheers to friendship!

Life has been a little crazy, but good. I’ve decided to give some random tips that I recommend from recent experience to make life better, even if it’s already awesome.
Here’s a tip. Be nice. If everyone were nice, we’d all be happier. An encouraging word can change someone’s day. The person on the receiving end will be nice to someone else and so on and so on. I think Liberty Mutual had a commercial based on the idea of saying a kind word, I’m pretty sure it worked. I was inspired to pass on the happiness. I always wonder why people are so quick to bring each other down. It doesn’t really help anyone.
Another tip. Rely on God. I know we always say it and sometimes I think we forget what that really means. At least for me..but this week it did not. I relied on Him and He showed me (very directly). A good reminder of what relying on God really means. You kinda have to read the bible and give it a shot yourself. I can’t stop thinking about it. Amazing.
I’m sure there’s more I could write about, but I wont. haha
Have a wonderful day!


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