If your dog doesn’t like someone you probably shouldn’t either

I have a dog.

Her name is Xena.

She is not a Warrior Princess. Although she could probably rip your face off.

She is sweet and antisocial.

I am terribly allergic to her, but she doesn’t know it.

One time I was so sad, I cried. She climbed into my bed and put her head on my shoulder. I think she was consoling me … or maybe she was just taking advantage of my full size bed.

I hope she lives forever.

Because I love her.

Xena and I went to the park last Saturday in order to soak up some sun and burn some calories. As you can see, there wasn’t a single soul at the park. There are numerous reasons why this was the case. Let me explain:

1. it was bloody hot, humid, hot, humid and humid.

2. every mosquitos on the planet has decided to migrate to Kendall in Miami. so being outdoors is miserable.

3. xena doesn’t do well in big crowds (aka. dog parks, neighborhood, etc.) so we have to hang out in secluded / abandoned areas.

4. it was bloody hot and humid.

Despite the humidity, heat and obnoxious mosquitos, we had a blast running freely in the beautiful grass. It really did feel so nice to trot around carelessly. I’m sure Xena’s counting down the days for our next park adventure.

– C

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