New Hobby

I am by no means fashionable. Or an illustrator.

I do, however, like to try new things. So, I’ve decided to pick up a new hobby. It’s called, “trytodrawfashionillustrationseverynightuntilyoubecomedisgustinglyawesomeatit”. Here are a few of my drawings. I’m sure eventually I’ll get better – practice makes perfect right?

Also, just so you know, this hobby is FOR FUN. That’s right … it’s for mere enjoyment. There’s really no use for these drawings, except to fill up my Moleskine.

Some of you are probably wondering what inspired this hobby. *For those who are not wondering can skip the below paragraph.*

Once upon a time (approximately 4 days ago) I walked into Barnes and Noble to buy bookmarks. I decided to peruse through fashion books just because. While perusing I bumped into this little number …

The illustrations in this book were pretty dang neat. I figured it’d be pretty dang neat if I could draw these myself instead of having to look at a book. That night, I decided  to draw my first fashion illustration. And now I’m hooked. (It’s only been 4 days since this hobby began… so I’m really not that hooked). And there you have it, that’s how I started drawing dresses on twig-like figures.

Oh yeah, I’m also a fan of Garance Dore, a fashion photographer, illustrator and writer. I’m sure her illustrations have inspired me too.

– C

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