4th of July Recap

I had a wonderful 4th of July with great weather, fantastic company and tons of food & laughter. I love days like these. I’m thankful for the good moments and the simple things.

Here’s a little recap of my Independence Day celebration.

Started the morning at the Key Biscayne Park:

Then enjoyed the Key Biscayne Parade where Steph’s hubby was walking in to represent the Key Biscayne Fire Rescue:

Then it was off to the beach to eat and be merry:

Followed by dinner, board games and dessert at my place:

The night ended with fireworks and running hand-in-hand with a dozen stolen Red, White and Blue star-shaped balloons:

Oh happy day!

(photos captured by Steph, EnaMarie and me)


2 thoughts on “4th of July Recap

  1. FUe bueno ver a todos los Monteritos juntos, vuelvan que tengo nuevos postres! I love the pics Chanti y sobre todo que hayan cogido sollllll!!!!


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