The Sartorialist Book Signing Recap

And then there are days when dreams really do come true…

Steph and I met Scott Schuman and Garance Dore on Saturday at  The Sartorialist book signing. It was such a fun experience and special moment for us. I’m so glad we got to share it together since we’ve spent many time gawking over their work.

Oh yeah, we also saw Kanye West at the book signing. No big deal.


( prior to getting our books signed )


( the line for book signing )

photo 1_1

( scanning through ‘The Sartorialist’ )

photo 2_1

( our copies of ‘The Sartorialist’ )


( Kanye West sighting )

photo 4_3

( Scott & Garance )

photo 3_2

( Scott & Garance )

photo 1_3

(Garance Dore )

photo 2_2


( Signed copies )

photo 5_1


( For Chantal )

photo 1_2

( Steph’s signed copy )

photo 5_2

( Our happy faces after meeting Scott & Garance )



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