A Little Update …

My life in a nutshell.

I’m relocating. Very soon as a matter of fact. I was in denial for a while but now that I’ve signed on an apartment, so it seems this whole thing is really happening. In case you are wondering… I’m leaving Miami, FL for Akron, OH. I know what you’re thinking… and you’re probably right. These two places don’t even compare. But, I’ve chosen to look at the bright side and keep a positive outlook. Honestly…how bad can Ohio reallly be? (Shoot me)

In any case, I’m not afraid, nervous or scared. I figure God’s got this all under control. & He definitely does, which is why I can sleep peacefully at night.

Now, if only all my belongings could magically pack themselves up…


Below is a little recap of my home visit this past weekend. I was able to bring along my mom, which made looking for an apartment, car, furniture, etc way more fun.

day 1

I had done some research online prior to my scheduled home visit. So I already knew what I could and could not afford as well as what I wanted. To keep the story short … I got the apartment I wanted. It’s a quaint little space – more than enough for me. And the neighborhood is friendly and adorable. The way a neighborhood should be.

After securing my apartment, mom and I treated ourselves to a delicious lunch. Followed by some car shopping and test driving. Right now, my hearts set on a Buick Verano. I know, I know… such an “old lady” car. Bite me.




day 2

Mom and I started the day with a delightful breakfast meal at The Blue Door with one of our colleagues. I loved everything about this little spot. Definitely one I’ll be visiting again.

After our food fuel, mom and I were off to explore Cleveland. On our drive to the city, mom jammed out to Alicia Keys, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. (No, this was not my music selection. This was all her).


We visited the Kent State University, Aurora Premium Outlet Mall, West Side Market, Legacy Village and Beachwood Mall. Plus we drove around a million neighborhoods just because some houses were disgustingly adorable.






vscocam1173 (1)vscocam1178vscocam1179vscocam1175

day 3

On our last day, we visited Grace Church and hit up a fun little lunch spot with one of my Ohioan friends. Then it was off to the airport.


” The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

2 thoughts on “A Little Update …

  1. Looks so cute! Praying I can join u several times this year to help however I can. I’m excited for you! (I shall call you Josephine- bc ur not a boy, but God has His hands all over you just like he had it on Joseph.) Forever Proud of You.


  2. Aww! Chanti what a nice recap or our little weekend…thank you for the pics…can you send the one in the cute casita to my facebook? My heart is shrinking already thinking that for real you are going to leave in that cute apartment so far from all of us…but as you know the Lord is opening all this opportunities for His Glory! Please always keep your integrity and testimony and “remember to magnify His work, of which men have sung. Everyone has seen it; man looks on it from afar” Job 36:24-25 I love you and as Marce says the same way our Lord protected and directed Joseph; He will do with you!


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