Decorating with Black & White Photos

I’m still in apartment decorate mode. With that said, I just ordered prints (matte finish) of some of my favorite black and white photos.

2013-06-21 16.52.38-2 bw copy

24230103 copy


24230033 copy

24230124 copy

vscocam805 copy

24230168 copy

24230032 copy

24230157 copy

24230001 copy

2013-07-05 21.14.04-3 copy

2013-08-03 10.32.59-1 copy

24230090 copy

24230132 copy

The goal is to create some fun on my walls in both my living room and bedroom. Similar to these….

146bdc3008f98375d2a0356e8c82d6f1 1892ca635e1ae8e01cd0710402e58c8d ac2bc1537b78c9711f93570deb61d500



Will let you know how things turn out.


– C

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