Living for One: Flying Solo

Sometimes homes are built for one.  Either way, Winston Churchill said it best, “We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us”

for one

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Here are some reasons why I love living solitary…

  • I may not sing well, but it doesn’t matter: It’s a perk of living on your own.
  • I can wake up whenever I want to. This is particularly awesome when I choose to wake up at 1 in the afternoon on a Saturday.
  • There’s no clutter: I own only the essentials.
  • I can put things wherever I want.
  • I can spend endless hours sipping on coffee (or red wine) while reading a book.
  • Some nights I make a favorite recipe, or on others I simply dip some veggies  & pita in hummus and eat it standing up. When I’m naughty, I eat dinner in bed.
  • I can sleep with nothing but 2 to 3 immensely fluffy pillows.
  • The bathroom is always clean.

Whether your living for one, two or a few. Home is what (& who) you fill it with.


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