Recent Pins

Sometimes my thumb feels broken thanks to Pinterest. Here are this week’s favorite pins.



I can’t get enough of bright, matte lips. It just seems so appropriate for Summer!



I love sunnies. Unfortunately, I don’t get to wear them often. I’m dependent of my eyeglasses since contacts and I don’t jive.


I think I need this outfit. Like now.


How lovely is this foil type print? More importantly, how on point is the content?!


I’m a lover of pizza. Honest, if I could eat pizza everyday (which I think I did one point in my life) I’d be very happy. I’d also be very fluffy (ahem… fat). So I try to keep my intake to a minimum.


I like peaches. Can’t say I crave them much, but this photo is making me second guess myself. ::Runs to grocery store::


I have a few friends getting married soon. So.. naturally, I’ve been pinning wedding related pins. I came across this delicate, ombre cake recently. I think I’m in love.

Image courtesy of Alanna Taylor Tobin | The Bojon Gourmet

There’s only one reason I love this photo so much. AVOCADO!

What have you been pinning lately?

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