Weekend Recap

There’s nothing better than the weekend. Whether it’s jam-packed with activities or uneventful… it’s a nice break from the Mon.-Fri. routine. This weekend was pretty low-key & I loved every minute of it.

Friday– Fridays are rough for me because, well, quite frankly its the ending of a long work week. Nothing sounds more tempting than pizza, a movie and jammies on Friday night. However, this week I decided to push myself and not bail on friends in order to join them for dinner at TownHall, which had a fantastic crowd (despite the cold weather) and great tasting food. I’m glad I went. This doesn’t mean I’ll be repeating it next Friday.

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Saturday– Most of friends know I like to sleep in on Saturdays so they don’t typically text me until after 11am. Maybe I should rephrase that, they probably do text me before 11am I just don’t see it until I wake up and shut off my Airplane mode. In any case, this Saturday I joined a friend on some errands, which included: shopping, Costco-ing, donut eating, YouTubing and wedding planning.

donut scenesugar donutsprinkle cake donut


Sunday – I love Sundays, .even though they usually mean the weekend is coming to an end. I love going to church, eating a good meal and spending the rest of the afternoon/evening reading a book, sipping on coffee or wine and then Skyping with family and friends. This Sunday consisted of exactly that … plus a little redecorating around the apartment.


Yes Please

A snow storm was supposed to hit us this weekend so in preparation for that, I purchased Amy Poehler’s, “Yes Please”, which I CANNOT wait to read. I also decided to install my new bar cart and add a little twinkle to my bedroom with Christmas lights.

bar carttwinklestwinkles 2Hope your weekend was lovely!

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