Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a day to share and show the love to our family, friends and loved ones. Don’t get me wrong, I think we should show the love all the time but hey, it is what it is. Here are some gift ideas for those specials ones in your life.

the mass texter

mass text guy

For Her: cases

For Him: wallet case, mini plug charger, doodle casequirky friend

quirky guy

For Her: shoes, earrings

For Him: pick punch, hoodie, photorito lens wrap, lego slippers

the boyfriender


For Her: VS lotion, revlon lipstick

For Him: pillow cases, tie, cologne

the creative

creative one

For Her: art print, notebook, mug

For Him: artifact uprising calendar, coasters, art pens, leather goods, pantone moka pot

the planner

the plannerFor Her: washi tape, kate spade usb drive, sharpies, planner

For Him: beard oil, bag, organizer

the reader

reader_guyFor Her: The Goldfinch, bookmark, mug

For Him: Storymatic Game, Wild At Heart, book light, love haikubes

the comedian

comedian guy

For Her: tank, book, journal

For Him: towel, bro code, movie

the geek

tech for himFor Her: organizer, usb cable, charger

For him: charger, night cable, tray

outdoorsy one

outdoorsy male

For Her: socks, hammock, mitts, mug

For Him: hammock, hat, match case

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