Vacation Planning

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I think it’s important to take a break from every day life and enjoy a new city, see new places and meet new people.

This year, I’ve decided to spend time exploring cities in the U.S. with dear friends. Here what I’ve got on the docket so far:


First up, Dallas! I’ve only been to Dallas once so I’m looking forward to exploring and experiencing this city with some of my most adventurous friends. I have no doubt the majority of this trip will be spent laughing so hard we’ll have tears in our eyes. NEW YORKFollowing Dallas is New York — one of my favorite places. I can’t get enough of NY! I love how electric and alive it is. I have no doubt this trip will be epic because it’ll be shared with some of my favorite people. BOSTONI’ve never been to Boston so I’m especially looking forward to this trip. There’s so much history and culture it’s no doubt this weekend trip will be fun-filled. I’m looking forward to sharing photos from my little escapade.

CHICAGOFinally, I’ve got Chicago in the books. Hello, Chi-town! This is by far one of my absolute favorite cities (during the summer). I’ve been to Chicago multiple times and each trip has made me love the city more and more. It was the first city I traveled to for business. It’s where I got my first (& only) tattoo with one of my closest friends. It’s where I’ve stayed up til the crack of dawn wining and dining with friends. This weekend trip will primarily be for a wedding but, believe me, there will be tons of exploring, eating, dancing and celebrating.

If you have any “must-do” suggestions for any of these cities, please drop a note in the comment box below!

Hope you’ve got some fun trips planned out as well.


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