Finding Your Personal Look

Finding your personal style can take some time, some error and some trial. However, once we find our style, we tend to approach each day with more confidence and legitimately feel beautiful in whatever we’re wearing. I think there’s something really admirable about finding your own style and making it your own.

Here are some quick, easy tips to help find your personal style.

1. Get Inspired

Thank goodness for Pinterest and Instagram! The inspiration flows for eternity which can be quite time-consuming but oh so fun. It’s important to see out inspiration to give you a better understanding of what you love, what catches your eye and what doesn’t.

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2. Clean Out

Once you’ve found some inspiration and direction for your desired look, it’s time to clean up and clear out your closet! For you ladies who always say you have nothing to wear, I guarantee this exercise will surprise you once you realize just how much clothes you actually own but don’t necessary need or wear. If you’re torn about clearing out a specific top or dress, be honest with yourself and if you haven’t worn in the past 9 to 12 months, say goodbye. The more you trust your gut, the faster the process will go!

clear out

3. Shop Smart

Take a peek through your new cleared out closet and look through your Pinterest Style boards in order to make a list of the gaps in your closet and shop for just that. The clearer you are on what you actually need the easier the process will be. Plus you’ll have a great wardrobe selection without any additional clutter and noise. Be picky about your choices and mindful of prices. You can always find a great deal if you really want to.


4. Size what? Who cares!

Don’t focus on the size of your clothes. Focus on how you feel in it! Confidence is one of the best characteristics a woman can have. There’s something so beautiful about a woman who loves life and herself. Don’t get stuck on the number on the tag … if it fits and your comfortable, go ahead and wear it. Truth is, no one really cares about your size. If they do, then … umm … unfriend them? (;



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2 thoughts on “Finding Your Personal Look

  1. I love the second tip. It’s such an important process that can so easily be overlooked. Style can be major investment so hoarding is a natural tendency we gravitate towards, but I’ve found the whole cleansing process to be incredible freeing and addictive. Plus, there’s so much more room for new clothes!

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