Welcome to New York…It’s been waiting for you

I’m back from my trip to New York – it was sooo dreamy! We had 4 wonderful days of exploring, eating and laughing. Brace yourself – you’re about to get hit in the face with a lot of photos! I wish I was still in NY with my sweet friends. Luckily I have these photos to remind me of some of my favorite moments.

Day 1

We stayed in an Airbnb home in Queens which was so much fun! We had no idea what to expect as none of us had ever tried booking via Airbnb but thankfully we had a really positive experience. I’m sure I’ll be booking more of these types of stays since I prefer the local feel over that of a frigid hotel.

After we all arrived and checked in to our little apartment, we headed to brunch, followed by some time at the MOMA and dinner & ice cream in Brooklyn. I recommend Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream for a life changing experience (;


DAY1Day 2

We were up at a decent time on Saturday for day 2 of our vacation. On this day we had brunch at Cookshop in Chelsea, walked around the Chelsea Market and the High Line, lounged in Central Park (along with everyone else in New York), had some drinks on the Monarch rooftop and grabbed some dinner at Huertas. It was a beautiful, warm day!



Day 3 might have been my absolute favorite day because we managed to slam in so much! We started the day with church at Hillsong Church at the Irving Plaza, followed by coffee and people watching at Union Square. After catching up with some friends, we headed towards Brooklyn to walk the bridge and binge on delicious food at Smorgasburg. Thank goodness we walked the entire bridge … I would have felt a little bad about inhaling so many calories at Smorgasburg had I not got my blood pumping a bit. Although the bridge was crowded it was a beautiful walk! Now … on to the rest of the day. We all had our fat pants on and our appetites ready to smash everything we could. Some of our favorite foods at Smorgasburg were: a grilled cheese sandwich, falafel wrap, brisket sandwich, arepas, Jamaican patties, and donuts. We ate and laughed and then ate and laughed some more while staring at the beautiful Manhattan skyline. After all the eating we decided to take some photos of the bridge near Dumbo and pass by Jane’s Carousel. We ended the night with some comedy at The Knitting Factory in Williamsburg.  By the end of the day our feet were swollen and our bodies were aching. It was well worth it.



Our last day was the worst best day. It was the worst because it was a torrential downpour all day long. In case you’ve never had to lug your luggage around the city in the pouring rain .. it SUCKS. For the most part we kept our spirits up but I’ll be honest it was pretty eye-opening for me. I always think NY is so dreamy and forget to acknowledge that when the weather sucks (i.e., rain, snow, wind) the city can suck too. Because you’re required to do so much walking there really is no way of avoiding bad weather except for locking yourself up indoors all day – which isn’t an option when you have some many great things to see and do. In any case, we survived! On day 4, we ran in the rain, brunched, said our good-byes to Steph, walked around Madison Ave, ate at the Plaza Hotel, shopped, ate some more and walked forever. By the end of the night our flight got canceled which meant we had to lug our luggage around… again. Phew, what a workout!


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