Weekend Recap

Photos from the weekend! Hope you explored and enjoyed your weekend as much as I did mine. xx

baby shower

Kicked off the weekend with a baby shower for a sweet friend expecting her first little one. I couldn’t help but snap a photo of this adorable centerpiece.
all fired up all fired up 2

Saturday morning / afternoon was pretty fun … I’m just bummed I couldn’t take more photos due to my phone battery dying. I started the moring with a trip to All Brides Beautiful to help a friend out with her final wedding dress fitting. Ah! She looks absolutely stunning! After that, I met up with a few gals to paint some ceramic items, enjoy some froyo, coffee and cupcakes . Talk about a major sugar rush. In the evening I met up with a few friends to check out a new restaurant called The Twisted Olive. We had a great time ordering a little bit of everything on the menu and snapping photos of the marquee signs!
twisted olive 1 twisted olive 2 twisted olive 4 twisted olive 3

Sundays are for church and brunch … which is exactly what I did. Can we just take a minute to appreciate the marble table? Ugh, I love.blue door cafe 1 blue door cafe 2

After some brunch and errands I decided to go for a run and enjoy the warmer weather. I’m not going to lie, I made some frequent stops to snap photos of the beautiful flowers. It’s finally starting to look (& sorta feel) like spring.run spring spring 2 spring 3

I later Skyped with the family in Miami who were all enjoying the beaming sun and a BBQ. Sigh, I miss family Sunday so so much. Look how cute (& big) my nephews are getting! Please stop growing up so fast, little men.family day family day 2xx

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