Summer Bucket List

10 things to try this summer. Ready, set, go!

  1. Update your summer reading list – summer is a great time to dive into reading129ab728ffe6dbdf43302c48c3ea85f7
  2. Eat clean – more greens, fresh fruits, smoothies and water! Your skin and body will thank you for it. Plus, there’s something about hot weather that just makes me crave fresh berries, watermelon and every other fruit on the planet.2366b00dcc98e8d0279eb6ac09c2a048
  3. Host a summer party – my friends love to plan summer hangouts. From bocce ball to bonfires it’s a great way to enjoy each other’s company without a care in the world.d384f13c61a4de7da1b983e7a7c42319
  4. Wear a bikini without a wrap or cover up – I’m forcing myself to really try this one. Let’s be honest, rocking a two piece isn’t always easy or fun… unless you have abs and killer thighs. Either way, life is short, so wear the damn bikini.d429d439a0658526ed44068cb4dc22a0
  5. Grill something – I’m no chef but it’s always nice to enjoy some grilled veggies, shish kabobs and patties on a sunny afternoon. Give it a go!0ce1013e4723399212dd98641282f4e3
  6. Take a vacation – leave your phone behind. The end.3db6775aa883ceebb75c2b2a223426b6
  7. Go dancing – grab the gals and go salsa dancing.65bcfcd3f509fc1702da166c3739a204
  8. Take a photography or painting class – summer is always nice to spend time doing the things you love or the things you wish you would do more of. b09721b3f1db79a9421bdaf99e3b2e67
  9. Go to a music festival – music makes the world go round so why not spend 3 days surrounded by music lovers and great tunes.
  10. 80bd092fea9b6d2d175acdb639afd0aeFree the natural waves – let the locks do their natural thing!


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