Weekend Recap

Being surrounded by friends makes everything better. The weekend was filled with fun activities, errands and holiday prepping. 

It’s always hard to say goodbye to the weekend but thankfully I’ve got plenty of photos to look back on. 

Cheers to making memories!

 I’ll be heading home soon for the holiday so a few of us decided to swap gifts early. 

Hard to believe but the weather was actually AWESOME this weekend. High 60s in December– whaaaat?! I decided to run in circles at a nearby track. Turns out I don’t hate exercising if the weather is nice.   

 A few of us surprised a friend with an early birthday celebration. She didn’t see it coming so mission accomplished. 

 Black Nativity was also on this weekend’s schedule. It was an absolute treat to watch — so much respect for those artists.

The weekend ended with a Christmas Cookie decorating party. I’m pretty terrible at icing cookies so as you can see I decided to take a minimalist approach by just outlining my cookies in black. The host wasn’t at all impressed or happy with my contribution (;

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