Things for 2016

Learning and growing are important to me. I long to improve and become better in all aspects of my life. Every year I aim to bloom wherever planted. In addition to that life goal, I added 3 other things I’d like to accomplish in 2016. Nothing too cray…


  1. Taking the time to explore, getting lost in nature or a city and making new memories is so rewarding. I love traveling and on occasion I want to drop everything and just backpack through the world. Last year I calmed my travel itch by booking a number of weekend trips in the US. This year, I’m hoping to go abroad – to be inspired by people, culture and beauty.
  2. I’ve put this one-off long enough. This year, I intend to start my MBA. First things first … study for the GMAT. Yaaaay…
  3. I’m a firm believer that the less you own the less that owns you. It’s time to declutter and free up some space so that I only have the things I absolutely need. Wish me luck.

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