Getting Better Zzz’s


Sometimes I go to bed feeling a little guilty about the condition of my space. Life happens, schedules get chaotic and well mess compiles. There’s a chance that the mess interferes with our sleep. Your sleep experience matters so when your space, more importantly, your bedroom is disorderly, it totally ameks sense that it weighs on you. Here are a few tips to eliminate some of the chaos in order to fully recharge overnight. You deserve your precious Zzz’s.

  1. Make your bed. Mom always told us to do this growing up… some of us listened, some of us didn’t. Truth is its a great habit — so if you haven’t started it, its not too late. Having your bed tidy and neat can help foster a relaxed and orderly bedroom. Just think about how happy you are when you walk into a luxuriously tidy hotel room.
  2. Ban unecessary stimulants. I’m the absolute worst at this thanks to my smartphone. Did you know the blue- or green-toned lights from your TV, laptop or your smartphone interfere with natural melatonin production, making it harder to sleep through the night? Its time to be mindful and remove those tiny blue lights hours before you lie your head on your pillow.
  3. Edit. I’ve recently started this and truly feel like this approach has helped me work through each category at a time. Designate three piles: donate, sell and toss. Its a gradual process so don’t overwhelm yourself. Try to remove items from your ross pile that same day. You’ll immediately feel better, trust me.
  4. Make a plan. SOme people ar enatural planners so this may be a little easier for some. The idea is to plan ahead – schedule your work outs, pack your snacks and meal prep ahead of time. That last one can be tricky, so maybe just a mental note of what you’re planning to eat can help eliminate some bad choices which in turn can help with your sleep.

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