Guilty Pleasure(s)



You’re about to learn a lot about me. Sorry? Truth is, I’m not really sorry. I think it’s important to indulge in your favorite things. Whether embarrassing, odd, or totally relatable, guilty pleasures keep us sane. Here are a few of mine. What are yours?

  1. Putting my phone on airplane mode after 7pm. Bye, world.
  2. Watching period piece shows or movies. Thank you PBS Masterpiece.
  3. Late night Taco Bell, seated on the floor, while listening to some of my favorite music.
  4. Sleeping late without being interrupted. Hello, living by yourself!
  5. Soaking in a bubble bath with lavender essential oils, candles, and bubbly.3b7194fb3262c22e2f0a77d72baecadc
  6. Nutella. Straight out of the container. Yeah, I double dip.
  7. People watching.
  8. Solo picnic at the park with a book near by.
  9. Sneaking away to watch a mid-afternoon movie.
  10. Smashing an entire large pizza while binge watching a show. I know, I’m cute.
  11. Blasting music and dancing my heart out.
  12. Having a YES day. There’s just one rule: Say yes to everything (safety first, of course)



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