Steph’s Baby Shower

A few of my friends and sister are expecting — hooray for reproducing! It’s a very exciting time as it’s the first for some.

I got lucky and found a ridiculously inexpensive, direct flight to Miami in order to attend Steph’s baby shower this past weekend. A little background on friendship with Steph:

  •  We’ve been friends for over a decade and I couldn’t be more blessed to have her in my life.
  • She’s beyond creative. Check out her shop here.
  • She sees the best in everyone.
  • She has taught me what a true, generous, and loving friendship should really be like.
  • She has rejoiced with me during moments of joy and success and has cried with me during the hiccups life surprises you with.

In other words, I HAD to be there to celebrate her and this next life stage.  Here are a few photos from her beautiful shower.

And, Steph, if you read this post – you and Danny will be the greatest parents. Baby Canto doesn’t know how blessed she is to have parents like you guys. xx

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