Lessons Learned From Living Alone

This past June marked 3 years of living away from home and by myself. Here are the lessons I’ve learned (so far) from living alone.

  1. IT IS AWESOME … if you’re an introvert. If you’re not sure where you stand, living alone will quickly solidify where you fall on the spectrum. I’ve always been quite social and have enjoyed having many groups of friends. However, more importantly, I’ve always known I recharge and refresh best alone. I can spend days hanging out with just me and feel 100% inspired and good with life. It can become all too easy to hang out with yourself when you’re an introvert (especially during the winter) so I’m mindful of spending time with friends and family.
  2. YOU ARE THE MASTER OF THE TV. Being the middle child, I never had control of the remote. My older sister dominated … that is until my little brother graced the world with his presence. Once he came along, all we watched was Dragon Ball Z and whatever else boys watched in the 90s. Living on your own means you get to watch whatever you want, whenever you want, for as long as you want. That’s right, couch body takes on a whole new meaning when you spend an entire weekend binge watching a show on Netflix and squeezing in a shower, only because you know it’s the right thing to do.
  3. PANTS ARE OPTIONAL. SO ARE BRAS FOR THAT MATTER. I wish I could document how quickly I changed out of my work clothes and into my jammies when I get home. It’s a skill I pride myself in. Truth is, there is no greater feeling than walking around your place without pants or a bra. Hello, freedom.
  4. YOU ARE CLEANER / MESSIER THAN YOU THINK. Remember how your parents always told you to clean your room or pick up after yourself. Well, turns out they were on to something. You learn very early on if you’re messy or organized when you live alone. Some weeks you crush it by decluttering and organizing your space … other weeks it looks like a hurricane came through your house. On another note, it’s pretty amazing how quickly you can pick up your place when a friend texts you they’re stopping by with only a 15 minute notice.
  5. DRINKING ALONE IS PRETTY RAD. You’ll quickly realize that a mimosa or two for a party of one is pretty darn great on a Saturday morning. And cleaning / cooking / painting / watching a movie / pretty much any activity with a glass of wine automatically becomes way more fun.
  6. WHEN YOU’RE OUT OF FOOD. YOU ARE LEGIT OUT OF FOOD. You’re so on your own here. There is no mom restocking the pantry for you. There is no food you can “borrow” from a roommate because, well, it’s just you. So when you’re out of food, it means you have grocery shop or order take out…


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