Say Yes To Your Day

Let’s be honest, there are weeks when the struggle is so real. If you need some motivation or tips to help destress, here you go. It’s important to find ways and outlets to keep you focused and energized, especially on Mondays.

  1. Say yes to music in the morning. Music really does something to you. Choose your songs wisely and I guarantee you’ll find the lift you need to walk into your day with a little more pep in your step. I’m a big music person, so I have my Spotify running from the minute I wake up while getting ready to the second I set my car to park in my work parking lot.
  2. Say yes to natural plants on your desk or home. Hello, nature! First, fresh flowers / plants look pretty so do your desk a favor and jazz it up with some greenery. Second, have live plants actually helps you breathe easier, which only means your head is more clear … which means working smarter. adb365270944a90bfa71d542b8c72092
  3. Say yes to a coffee break. I am a FIRM believer in breaks. Lucky for me, I work in a place that really encourages face to face interaction and building relationships. Plus it doesn’t hurt that we own a lot of coffee – so coffee breaks are are like a must in our office. For those who may not have the luxury of owning a plethora of coffee brands, take a walk to your local coffee shop and just enjoy it for what it is. A break. A caffeinated break (;

    Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
    Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
  4. For my ladies, say yes to wiping off your makeup before heading to the gym. I’m preaching to myself here. I like make up. I believe in make up. I pretty much live in my make up so removing it before heading to the gym is quite a challenge for me. Truth is, your face could use a break. Plus do you really want all that sweat mashing up with your make up? No.
  5. Say yes to breakfast. Its the most important meal of the day. I used to be a hard breakfast skipper and thought my cup of coffee was enough – boy was I wrong. These days, I can’t even type my name accurately unless I’ve had a good hearty breakfast. And a coffee. So take a minute to start your day with a happy tummy … your body and mind will thank you for it, especially when you’re running nonstop from meeting to meeting.
  6. Say yes to going to bed early. Again, this is a tough one for me. Don’t get me wrong, I can sleep for a long time.. it is more so the fact that I don’t go to bed at a reasonable time. Additionally, when I am in bed I catch myself scrolling through Instagram or pinning everything I want on Pinterest. We should really be better about putting away all electronics and focusing on getting a good night’s sleep. No one wants to be around your cranky butt if you haven’t slept.


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