November Tunes

Once upon a time I used to be really good about taking the time to search for new music and create playlists / CDs. These days, I’ve slacked.a1c01d995f9aa2e951ba695fa1dbbd6f

Truth is, Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify all do a decent job of finding solid tunes based on your music preference. There’s something so great, though, about finding it yourself. Finding that song that you can play on repeat – you know, the one where you can latch onto those words because they are so beautifully sung or close your eyes and get lost in the actual music while you try to figure out what instruments are actually being played. I spent the last couple of days geeking out, watching endless live performances on YouTube, and creating some playlists to get me through November. So far, I’ve got an “All the Feels a.k.a Tearjerker” playlist, “Introspectyoself” for those moments you need to check yourself and reflect deeper into all that life is throwing your way, and a “Fri-nally!” playlist because God knows I need a little mood boost when driving into work on a Friday to get me ready for the weekend.

What songs lately are tugging at your heart, getting your toes tapping, or just giving you overall good vibes? I’d love to hear ’em so obviously leave the song title and artist name in a comment.



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