It’s a new year! Crazy to believe it’s officially 2018. I like fresh starts and I like taking the time to reset and get refreshed. So, after a few weeks of vacation and a little introspection I’m ready to start the new year. This year, I decided to do something a little different. I spent some time reading my Bible and really checking myself- asking myself some tough questions and perhaps some things that I had ignored and put off in 2017. A word kept popping into my head and as I prayed, I realized this might be the thing I need to focus on this year if I truly want to become a person who is constantly growing and becoming better. This year’s word is EASE.

E A S E.png

In the moments I’m overwhelmed, I’d like to rest in Him. I’d like to hold onto His promises and know that He’s got it and that I can chill out and not have everything figured out all the time.

If you like resolutions, have at it. If you like goal-setting, do it. If you want an intention, a theme per se, for how you want your year to flow, then maybe take a few minutes, hours, days to find that one word.

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