Life is hard. Plans go awry. We’re not content with what we’ve been handed. We can’t wait for the next phase. We compare our current life situation to the “blissful” ones of others. But, life is also beautiful. It’s meaningful. It’s delicate. Most importantly, it’s a gift. A precious one at that and we should fight to take care of it.

I can’t tell you how many times my life hasn’t gone as planned. Too many to count, actually. But, I’ve learned that those times are the best times because they are the most life-changing.

I came across this blog post and felt it was pretty spot on. I’d encourage you to give it a little read if you’re (or know someone) struggling to enjoy where you’re at right now. If your days are consumed with wishing your life looked differently, I’d hit pause for just a few minutes and see if any of the words on that blog post hit home. Even if just a little bit.

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