I am by no means an expert blogger so please don’t take this post too seriously. I just thought I’d share a little behind the scenes on some of the tools and processes that work for me and my schedule.

photo-1518226203301-8e7f833c6a94THE BLOG
I’m going to be quite candid, I just started scheduling things this year, as in 2018. That means each post has been made live by yours truly. Nothing wrong with that since I enjoy blogging but, the truth is, it takes time and there are plenty of tools to help get me organized. I made my life a lot easier this year by taking advantage of the schedule feature in Wordpress. Here are a few other tools that have helped me out:

I typically try to plan my content a week or two out. This month, I’ve planned my entire month. I usually jot my ideas down in a Moleskine journal, post it note, or email. From there, I transfer them to my Google Calendar. The-Best-Tools-for-Scheduling-Blog-Content.jpg


  • WeTransfer because it’s free!
  • AirDrop when transferring files/images to / from my iPhone to my MacBook


  • Canva for free templates
  • Pinterest for inspiration and images
  • Unsplash for beautiful high-quality free images and photos you can download and use for any project. No attribution required.
  • Creative Market
  • for free weekly goods

photo-1522204523234-8729aa6e3d5f.jpegScreen Shot 2018-04-30 at 9.14.49 PM.png

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