photo-1492724441997-5dc865305da7Tackle your Email

  • Clean your inbox with Unroll.Me – you can clean up your inbox by instantly seeing a list of all your subscription emails. You can unsubscribe easily from whatever you don’t want.
  • Inbox Pause so you can focus on your task at hand or simply take a break from email.

Next hit your Social Media

  • Leave all inactive or distracting Facebook Groups.
  • Clear out friends, followers, followings that are negative. It’s best to keep your feed with people you know and inspire you as well as those who you want to know you.


Finally, get your Tech looking sharp

  • Clean up your computer desktop. Everything has a place and your files are no different.
  • Delete any apps you haven’t used in a while or that are distractions.
  • Turn off notifications and say goodbye to all those hideous red notifications!
  • Back up your photos on Dropbox or Google and then delete the 10 versions of the same terrible photo.
  • Schedule reminders to Unplug or turn your phone on DND.


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