For as long as I can remember I dreaded the question, “Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?”.  I would gladly skip that assignment and take the “0” if it meant I didn’t have to spend hours answering that question. Maybe it made me panic because I didn’t really have a set life goal. Or maybe I thought whatever I wrote down NEEDED to happen so I wouldn’t feel like a failure. Whatever the reason, the question threw me off.

30+ years later, here we are. Instead of getting sick to my stomach when I get asked that question, I have decided to look up ways to answer it. Here are a few tasks, which I found to be helpful.

Do some homework and see what all goes into a 5-year plan. Your plan doesn’t have to be solely career driven.

  • After looking at examples, here’s where I netted out:
    • Bucket List
    • Career
    • Family
    • Financial
    • Personal

Before writing your 5-year plan, write your life plan (This probably sounds even more stressful, ha!)

  • Truth is, the end goal is necessary. If not, what’s the point of a 5-year plan if you have no idea where you want to end up?
  • Write down all those life goals you want to achieve. There is no right or wrong. Dream big.

Now, write your 5-year plan!

  • Look at everything you’ve jotted down for your life goals. Now, identify where you are today, and where you want to be. Is that life goal so far-fetched? No worries, just start with a couple of baby steps. You’ve got to start somewhere. We all do! For example, if you want to own your own coffee shop, maybe get a barista job and aim for manager.

Finally, write a daily plan.

  • That’s right, discipline, consistency is what will push you towards that 5-year goal. So, ask yourself what can you do on a daily basis that will move you towards those goals?

Here’s an example of what it may look like when you put it all together:

Add subheading

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