Woke up feeling pumped because I’m headed home, to Miami, to see family and friends. Unfortunately, I’ve been sitting at the airport for over 2 hours thanks to a delayed flight.

I figured I’d post everything bright, fun, and beautiful because that’s how I felt when I woke up and that’s how I’m hoping I’ll feel once I land in Florida.

I’m not one to wear bright colors but I am a sucker for looking at them.

Source: Matt Crump Prints | Staying Alive Pin | BLA Art

P.S. the “staying alive” enamel pin is pretty clutch as that’s the song that was playing when my boyfriend encouraged me to try the hands-only CPR Training Kiosk at the terminal. (I did not complete the training because I hurt my knuckle, it was really loud, and I was not strong enough to save the fake person. oops).

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