I can get a little overwhelmed at times. Usually, I am able to identify the trigger(s) and come up with an action plan to overcome it. Lately, I’ve been a little consumed by both big and small things. The more these “things” are bottled up, the more the overwhelmedness magnifies. Here’s a little advice I got from someone this week. The best part is, I hardly know this person. The conversation just presented itself and ultimately ended up being quite refreshing.

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She reminded me that it is very much ok to feel overwhelmed. In times when she is going through a little blip, she focuses on doing one thing in the day. That is all. Tackling more than one thing or everything can be scary, overwhelming, and paralyzing. I have taken this advice and put it into practice this week. So far, so good. I start my morning by writing down the one thing I want to accomplish in the day and then go after it. It has helped me feel like I’m regaining a little bit of control back in my life, which is very comforting.

10 Reasons You Need Us Introverts

Whatever you are facing. Whatever thought is overtaking you. Whatever the “what if” is that you keep asking yourself. Push it to the side for a second and focus on one thing you want to get done. Life blips can be difficult but you can overcome it. It takes some intentionality, a great support system, and a lot of heart to want to face the noise. One thing, friend. That is it. Just do one thing and then move on to the next one thing.

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