Words for the Week

Words for the Week


Words for the Week


Currently Learning

I’m typically quite private so sharing what I’m currently learning via blog post seems like a stretch but here goes.

I like the idea of not over thinking, not planning, just living. Then when things go well you're pleasantly surprised.:

These days I’m currently learning to let life surprise me. This seems like a basic life lesson so you’re probably wondering why this is such an aha moment for me – I can explain. Typically, I enjoy coming to new understandings. I’m compelled to establish my own rules, boundaries, standards, and style. In other words, leaving little room for surprises or unknowns…

I’m focused on attaining my inner goals and standards. I set a particular course based on my theory of what ought to be. I work extremely hard to accomplish what I feel is important. So when things don’t go a certain way it can be quite annoying.


Funny thing is, no matter how planned or calculated I am, life has a way of surprising me. Lately, I’ve experienced a few unexpected things and well … I’ve  quite enjoyed it.

Life is richer when we let our expectations be shattered and let life surprise us. In order to be more open to surprises I’m:

  • Keeping an open mind
  • Moderating expectations
  • Shifting my perspective


Kindness is Cool



Intelligence is important to me. Growing up and to this day, I am attracted to those who can articulate their thoughts and I can learn from. For a time, I believed intelligence trumped kindness.

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These days, I find that the ones I respect the most are those who are both knowledgeable and kind. I try my best to surround myself with smart people as well as generous and kind ones. There is so much to be learned from these characteristics. All that to say, kindness is cool. Intelligence is cool too. Strive to be better, look to grow, aspire to be good in every situation. In my eyes, kind is smart and smart is sexy.






Words for the Day


Words for the Week

Words for the Day