Travel Fun Facts: LA

miami to los angeles

I was in Los Angeles last week for business. Didn’t get to see much but I was able to gather some fun facts for you. Enjoy!

Los Angeles Information:

  • The city flower is the bird of paradise and the city tree is the coral tree.
  • Los Angeles is known by a number of nicknames, including: city of angels, lalaland, L.A.
  • Los Angeles is the most populous city in the U.S. state of California and the second most populous in the United States, after New York City.
  • Animals are banned from mating publicly within 1,500 feet of a tavern, school, or place of worship

Travel Fun Facts: Ohio

Travel Fun Facts: Ohio

I travel often. Sometimes on business. Sometimes for leisure. I’ve decided I’ll share fun facts of the places I visit. It never hurts to learn something new so here goes..

Ohio State Information:

  • capital city: columbus
  • famous ohioans: Neil Alden Armstrong astronaut, Steven Spielberg director, Dean Martin singer, actor
  • bird: cardinal
  • motto: With God, all things are possible

photo 1 photo 3

Next stop:  California

An Evening in Coral Gables …

Last night a few of us gals wined & dined at Cibo Wine Bar in Coral Gables. Here’s a quick review of our restaurant experience: great food, delightful wine, nice environment, terrible … terrible service. Oh, did I mention the service was terrible? Cause it was.

You’re welcome

We took a few photos … well, we tried to at least.

I like evenings like these.

Fun-filled nights full of laughs and good conversation.

dinnerdancephoto shoot

Making Memories

It’s the little things in life that are the sweetest and most memorable. I’m grateful for life’s little sparks and for the one’s I get to enjoy these sparks with.

heat 1

heat 2

sick baby




mom bdaypretty findslevi feeling better

Spring 2013’s Pretty Wearables

02-black-and-white-w724 01-bermuda-shorts-w724


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Life is good

Family from Peru + Selfies >



vscocam586 selfies

Ohio with mom for work>

vscocam588 vscocam589 vscocam590 vscocam595 vscocam592 vscocam593

Muse concert w/ Jemlys >

545589_10151368373883451_45471180_n 535508_10151368403748451_1581338260_n vscocam600 vscocam598 vscocam596

SOBE Wine and Food Festival alll weekend long >


vscocam646 vscocam645

IMG_3206 IMG_3165 IMG_3148

Hangs with my arsty farsty friend, Steph >


Friday Fashion Inspiration




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Just Because…

Favs …

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Valentine’s Day Recap

Had a lovely time with some lovely people on a lovely day. Here’s a peek of how I spent my Valentine’s.

I hope your day was full of love and happiness too!






COLOR TREND: fire engine red

Color Trend Collage