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Life According to my iPhone

Life according to my iPhone photos …

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A Sprinkler Adventure

Little Levi met Mr. Sprinkler for the first time this week. It was an instant bond between the two.





Once Levi realized how much he liked splashing himself with sprinkler water, it was time for a wardrobe change …

levi bw



Style Love

_look//Photo: Betty //

Weekend Faves

Weekend favorites:

Dinner with good company …photo 1

^ Meet Steph & Yannick

Pretty, inexpensive finds at ZARA

photo 1_2

Free tickets to the ballet thanks to friends at the Miami City Ballet.

Ballet Collage

Marce is 30!

hb marce!


Dear Marce,

For your 30th Birthday,  I decided I’d give you 30 reasons why I love you. (Ps. This isn’t your gift. You have more prezzies coming your way).

1. You are humble

2. You go to important concerts with me, such as: Coldplay, U2, Phoenix

3. You laugh at my jokes

4. You are thoughtful

5. You let me sleepover… all the time

6. You serve people genuinely

7. You put others before yourself … all the time

8. You clean my dirty coffee mugs

9. You read my blog more than most people do

10. You don’t mind baking or cooking vegetarian meals just for me

11. You keep my secrets

12. You run 1/2 marathons with me

13. You make juggling a home, a family, friends and life look easy

14. You make being a mom look cool

15. You are crafty, smart & beautiful (that’s actually 3 things but who cares)

16. You enjoy the little things in life

17. You don’t have a Miami accent (Thank you for that)

18. You always lead by example. Whether quiet or outspoken, your walk speaks volumes & reflects your character

19. You fear the Lord

20. Your gentleness with Levi is boundless

21. Your honesty can always be counted on

22. You celebrate my successes and hurt when I’m hurting

23. Your love for Disney is remarkable. You make every trip seem like its your first time there

24. When you speak, people listen.

25. Your road rage

26. You are my biggest fan

27. We can sit in the same room in complete silence and feel like it’s a perfectly perfect moment

28. You can spot a bug from 10 gazillion miles away

29. You don’t make me change Levi’s diaper, ever. Thank you.

30. I love all the memories I have with you, the memories we are making now and the memories that are to come.


We’re like peas & carrots. Except I’m allergic to carrots. But you get the point. We have always and will always flock together.


Love you sweet sister. May 30 be your most adventurous, exciting year yet.


– Your loving sister

Love Your Chaos


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Love the chaos. Love the mess. And through your journey love God. To love God is to wait quietly for life to be measured by the One who knows us through & through. It is to be content with His timing.

Sirens at Hoxton Miami, Jan. 5

Sirens and Sealions are playing live at the Hoxton Miami this Saturday.

Pass by if you’re in the area.




Wedding Fun

My cousin got hitched! She looked lovely.

Wishing Ingrid and Adrian all the best as they embark on a new journey.



photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 1


Recap: New Year’s Glitz & Glam Celebration

Our New Year’s party was a success! Friends and family (and babies) partied all night long. So blessed to know the people I know. So blessed to live the life I live.

Thank you, Jesus, for good moments, sweet adventures and happy hearts.

Cheers to a new year.

crystal family vscocam386


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