10 Reasons To Get Up In The Morning

  1. a full bladder (let’s be honest here)
  2. God!
  3. love of life
  4. coffee time
  5. a chance to see the sun rise
  6. new things to be explored, learned, observed
  7. quietude
  8. extend the day
  9. exercise
  10. life is a gift. go live it.

Sirens&Sealions LIVE at The Hoxton Miami 11-10-12

The little sea creatures are playing at the Hoxton on Saturday, November 10. Come hang out with us, have some dinner and lounge around while you listen to some diddies.

We’ll be playing at 9pm and 11pm.

See you there.

E&R Wedding Recap

Elaine and Ryan are married! These two lovebirds tied the knot on Friday, October 5, 2012.

Here are a few shots from their engagement shoot + wedding day.


snapshots from a shoot






adventures in europe


Here are a few more shots from our trip. The countryside of England is spectacular! I loved every corner of it.






adventures in europe

I’ve finally started editing photos from my trip to Europe. I’m so excited to share this trip with you all! These pictures remind me how blessed I am (1) to go on this adventure w/ my mom and (2) to come home to more than what I really need to survive in life. Some of us are truly spoiled. Seriously.

Below are a couple of photos from the quaint, little home we stayed at in Titchfield, London.

love: elaine & ryan, prt 2








Love: Elaine + Ryan

These two will be tying the knot in October. I can’t wait to see my sweet friends say i do.

Their first round of engagement photos were taken on a Monday evening in Coconut Grove. It’s been fun hanging with these two and capturing sweet moments behind a lens.

Looking forward to the second round of photos for these love birds.

4th of July Recap

I had a wonderful 4th of July with great weather, fantastic company and tons of food & laughter. I love days like these. I’m thankful for the good moments and the simple things.

Here’s a little recap of my Independence Day celebration.

Started the morning at the Key Biscayne Park:

Then enjoyed the Key Biscayne Parade where Steph’s hubby was walking in to represent the Key Biscayne Fire Rescue:

Then it was off to the beach to eat and be merry:

Followed by dinner, board games and dessert at my place:

The night ended with fireworks and running hand-in-hand with a dozen stolen Red, White and Blue star-shaped balloons:

Oh happy day!

(photos captured by Steph, EnaMarie and me)


New Hobby

I am by no means fashionable. Or an illustrator.

I do, however, like to try new things. So, I’ve decided to pick up a new hobby. It’s called, “trytodrawfashionillustrationseverynightuntilyoubecomedisgustinglyawesomeatit”. Here are a few of my drawings. I’m sure eventually I’ll get better – practice makes perfect right?

Also, just so you know, this hobby is FOR FUN. That’s right … it’s for mere enjoyment. There’s really no use for these drawings, except to fill up my Moleskine.

Some of you are probably wondering what inspired this hobby. *For those who are not wondering can skip the below paragraph.*

Once upon a time (approximately 4 days ago) I walked into Barnes and Noble to buy bookmarks. I decided to peruse through fashion books just because. While perusing I bumped into this little number …

The illustrations in this book were pretty dang neat. I figured it’d be pretty dang neat if I could draw these myself instead of having to look at a book. That night, I decided  to draw my first fashion illustration. And now I’m hooked. (It’s only been 4 days since this hobby began… so I’m really not that hooked). And there you have it, that’s how I started drawing dresses on twig-like figures.

Oh yeah, I’m also a fan of Garance Dore, a fashion photographer, illustrator and writer. I’m sure her illustrations have inspired me too.

– C