As I’ve mentioned before, I home (Florida) for the holidays and it makes me so incredibly happy. I love my family… hard. So, the fact that I get to be here for 18 days straight is the greatest gift I could ever receive.  Bonus, my boyfriend is also here for an extended time which makes things even better.

Here are 10 things I’m looking forward to this holiday season.

Being home with family and loved ones

Need a pair of fun Christmas socks

Putting up holiday decor

DIY for Holiday Garland foraged from your yard. A Simple and easy and cheap way to create great holiday decor this year. Check The Fresh Exchange for the full DIY.

Christmas lights!


Eating delicious food

Colombian Arepas Recipe | Why Don't You Make Me

Getting scuba certified

Scuba Diving Top 100: Best Diving in the Caribbean & Atlantic | Scuba Diving

Going to fave spots in Miami

Wynwood Walls

Gift giving & wrapping presents

minimal parcel wrapping

Being away from work

out of the office

Celebrating the birth of Jesus

Being away from snow (Bye, Ohio…)

aerial shot of orange umbrellas near shore

I hope your holiday season is magical and filled with happy moments. If you can open your doors to someone who may not be surrounded by loved ones, do it. I’m sure it would light up that person’s heart.




I know, I know… the first day of winter isn’t until December 21 but let’s be honest fall left us a bit ago and we’re well into freezing weather. Here are a few things I’m planning to tackle this winter season. winter bucket list.png



It’s a new year! Crazy to believe it’s officially 2018. I like fresh starts and I like taking the time to reset and get refreshed. So, after a few weeks of vacation and a little introspection I’m ready to start the new year. This year, I decided to do something a little different. I spent some time reading my Bible and really checking myself- asking myself some tough questions and perhaps some things that I had ignored and put off in 2017. A word kept popping into my head and as I prayed, I realized this might be the thing I need to focus on this year if I truly want to become a person who is constantly growing and becoming better. This year’s word is EASE.

E A S E.png

In the moments I’m overwhelmed, I’d like to rest in Him. I’d like to hold onto His promises and know that He’s got it and that I can chill out and not have everything figured out all the time.

If you like resolutions, have at it. If you like goal-setting, do it. If you want an intention, a theme per se, for how you want your year to flow, then maybe take a few minutes, hours, days to find that one word.