It’s the day before Christmas Eve (can you believe it?!) and whether you’re staying home, hosting, or driving to see family here are a few things to consider in preparation for your celebration on Christmas day.

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If you’re staying home …
Make Christmas Eve the most exciting night of the holiday season.

  • Bundle up and take a little walk around the neighborhood. Christmas lights are always a wonderful sight.
  • Make a delicious meal. It’s Christmas Eve after all!
  • Get cozy and read the Christmas story together or watch a movie in front of the fireplace with hot chocolate or coffee.
  • Open one gift before bed. Just one.
  • Leave a note or cookies and milk for Santa or Baby Jesus.
  • Once the kids are asleep, make sure Santa finds his way into the house, enjoys his snack, and sets out all the presents beneath the tree and in the stockings.
  • Set your alarm so you’re up before the kids with the camera rolling to capture Christmas morning reactions! This will give you a head start on making breakfast as well.

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If you’re hosting guests on Christmas Day…
a little pre-work can go a long way and help you enjoy the day as much as your guests.

  • Put together appetizer platters and finger food trays ahead of time and save them in the fridge.
  • For all recipes that must be prepared the day of, complete your grocery shopping and any time-consuming chopping or measuring ahead of time.
  • Set the table and table decor the night before.
  • Set out bedding and towels for any guests that will be staying over the next night.

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If you’re driving to see family…
there’s a lot that can be done the day/night before to ensure a smooth ride.

  • Pack luggage and load it into the car the day before if you can.
  • Depending on how long of a trip you are making, think about packing snacks or fun games to keep antsy kids (and adults) entertained.
  • Create a playlist or two.
  • Gather all of the gifts you are planning on bringing along with you and be sure not to leave them behind when you leave.

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