April 30-day Minimalism Challenge

This month, I decided a minimalism challenge was in order because sometimes a little refocus is necessary. APRIL 30-DAY MINIMALISM CHALLENGE.png

2017 Goals & Stuff

I enjoy making lists. I like jotting down opportunity areas. I love making small goals and seeing myself grow. Every new year, I jot down 3 major things I’d like to accomplish. Whether they are accomplished or not isn’t the point. The point is to dream and look for areas that you strive to improve in order to live your best life. In addition to my 3 major goals, I keep my tiny monthly goals going all year long. Taping those suckers on my bathroom mirror are a nice reminder of the little things I feel would make me a better me. Truth is, when we’re at our best we can give our best to those around us, our jobs, etc.


For those who didn’t have the best 2016, put it behind you … learn from it … but move into 2017 with a new mindset. Find yourself, love yourself, be the best you.



December Goals


  • More moving
  • Less complaining
  • More creating
  • Less scrolling
  • More documenting
  • Less spending
  • More openness
  • Less critiquing
  • More kind words

October Goals


  • Call an old friend
  • Do something creative once a day
  • Send a handwritten note to someone
  • Floss daily
  • Limit the picking of my face
  • Be kind (to everyone)
  • Invite someone I don’t know well to lunch or coffee
  • Cook for someone
  • Walk 10 minutes after lunch or dinner
  • Read a scripture a day
  • Buy less
  • Read 10 pages a day

August Goals

Goodbye, July. Hello, August.

Stay offline 1 day per week.

Read 20 pages per day.


Complete 3 joys a day in journal.

Walk after lunch or dinner.

Drink more water.

Explore two new places.

Strike up a conversation with a stranger 1x week.


Go au natural one day.

Reach out to someone.




Things for 2016

Learning and growing are important to me. I long to improve and become better in all aspects of my life. Every year I aim to bloom wherever planted. In addition to that life goal, I added 3 other things I’d like to accomplish in 2016. Nothing too cray…


  1. Taking the time to explore, getting lost in nature or a city and making new memories is so rewarding. I love traveling and on occasion I want to drop everything and just backpack through the world. Last year I calmed my travel itch by booking a number of weekend trips in the US. This year, I’m hoping to go abroad – to be inspired by people, culture and beauty.
  2. I’ve put this one-off long enough. This year, I intend to start my MBA. First things first … study for the GMAT. Yaaaay…
  3. I’m a firm believer that the less you own the less that owns you. It’s time to declutter and free up some space so that I only have the things I absolutely need. Wish me luck.